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Advertising Tips
Some Advertising Tips

The following is some tips I've picked up from advertising this board and previous boards of mine. These tips may help you gain members and increase your chances of making your board successful.

First and foremost, make sure your board is ready; have a custom skin, markers, banner, basic rules, forums created and topics in those forums. If you don't have these things ready, it gives the impression you don't care about your board and you may lose alot of potential members. A big mistake I see Administrators make, especially first time ones, is add too many forums when they start. Start a board with no more than 10, then add more in when the board grows. Remember, first impressions are usually the one that determines if a guest will register or not.

Now on to advertising. You don't want to mess up, because in most places you get only one chance to advertise. First, go to every board you are already a member on and place a link in your signature. Try using a nice graphic too, potential members are on average more likely to click a nice image than a link. When advertising in a signature, make sure you follow board rule limit on signatures, especially if you use a graphic. You can send a bad impression if you should break the rules advertising, most people will think you're a n00b Admin and will pass over your board without a second thought. You might even get punished and/or get your board's link filtered out. Not to mention make enemies.

If you're new to a board, DO NOT post a new topic advertising your board, even if they have no post count requirement for advertising. Most boards have rules that say "Only one topic per board" and "No Bumping." If you waste your one shot when you're new, people won't join. They will just assume you're a n00b Admin who's joined just to advertise. Most people won't even acknowledge you, much less join. Wait until you've gotten a lot of posts and are an active member of their community to post an advertisement topic.

Your rules
Every board requires rules, and just what is considered useful and what is excessive varies from person to person so you'll never satisfy everyone. When you create rules for your board, make sure you've taken into consideration what kind of board you want overall, what is allowed and what shouldn't be posted. Your rules should reflect the nature of your board otherwise you might end up with the wrong kind of members. What you should avoid is writing is an 5 page essay of regulations. Remember: the main board rules should only be the ones that govern the whole board. Rules in a specific forums should be put in a sticky thread (link to them if needed). Also, it helps to explain them in as few words as possible. Keep them concise and clear, removing any excess explanation.

Just remember that your rules are there to protect your board, not to persecute your membership. If you instantly assume everyone is a rule-breaker and you punish them, you might end up giving yourself or your board a bad reputation.

Forced login/register
Unless your board is private to a certain group (in that case, you wouldn't be advertising), forced logins don't work. A Forced Login requires members to login (or register) before they can actually view the board. You might think forcing a person to register will gain you more members, it doesn't. This is a MAJOR turn-off for a lot (and I do mean a lot) of members, as most will just close the browser window and not come back. And the ones who do join probably won't post. From what I've seen, most Force logins boards will fail within a month, maybe 2.

Things you should never do
-Don't just go to random boards and post a topic like "join my forum" and never come back. Again, most people will ignore you and there are some who might actually come to your board and spam it in revenge.
-Try to avoid getting angry if your link is removed/topic is trashed. This can hurt you many ways, as word can get around about what you're doing and can crush your ad strategy and possibly kill your board.
-Never, ever PM advertise. Nobody likes it and can give you/your board a very bad reputation.
-Don't complain if someone doesn't register.

That's all the tips I have. If you have any you want added, just PM me and I'll add them in if they're useful. Thanks, and good luck with your board.


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