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Does anyone play an instrument?
I'd like to know has anyone here played an instrument, past or present?

I use to play a Clarinet years ago, but not anymore.
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I don't play any, although I seriously considered playing the Trombone once...
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I play the foghorn Tongue

Just kidding, unfortunately I don't play an instrument. But I've always wanted to play the guitar...
I used to play piano (wasn't that good hence why I stopped), I now play the flute, and I want to learn guitar. I also enjoy singing.
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I almost played the Clarinet when I was in the 5th grade, but my dad didn't want to hear the squeaking noise beginners have Hysterical ... so I ended up playing the flute instead and I love it Smile
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I used to play the clarinet but I quit because I hated to practice.
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I used to play the keyboard, but I ended up quitting (guess I'm too lazy to practice Tongue )
I still play sometimes though... but I'm not very good at it.
I've never played anything, everything looks hard. Sad
I use to play the drums, but I can't play it now. I need to get practicing again! Biggrin
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I play guitar, Clarinet, and alil piano XD
I played the Trumpet in school. Annoyed my brother with it too. Devil
I started to learn to play the flute, but ended up stopping in 7th grade. Just wasn't for me. Mellow
I use to play the drums but I stopped when I enter high school.
I considered playing the cornet once but I didn't. I'm not a musical person.
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Yeah, I never played an instrument either. I'm with Atlas32, I'm not much of a musical person. Rolleyes
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