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Several Board Updates- 12/25/08
Big Grin 
Call these my Christmas present to all of you. I have made several board updates. Here's a list of what's been changed:
  • Avatar size has been increased to 120 x 120 pixels. Upload is still 25kb.
  • I have changed the user color of Administrators and Global Moderators. Administrators are now yellow and Global Moderators are now green.
  • I've added the location field to the post bit.
  • I've added a MyMood, which allows you to specify a Mood you're currently in. It can be accessed by clicking the MyMood in the header (next to the buddy list).
  • I've added a Video game forum and moved the general interests forums (TV, Movie, Books, Music and the new video game forum) to their own category, Holonet Network.
That's it for now, at least until I move this board to a new server and (hopefully) fix those SQL errors.
Well, the MyMood thing looks cool. I see some using it already.


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