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End credit scenes people tend to miss
Lets list our favourites!
Did you know that some movies have scenes that appear after the credits finish? Lets list some of our favourites.

At the end of Iron Man Samuel L. Jackson appears inviting Iron Man to be part of the Avenger program.

The scenes at the end of the three Pirate of the Caribbean films come to mind:

The first is the monkey taking the Aztec gold.
The second is that dog with the keys being made king of the whatever those guys were called.
The third is Will coming back after ten years of captaining the Flying Dutchman to meet his son for the first time.
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Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer-
You can see the Silver Surfer is seen floating in Space after the destruction of Galactus, and suddenly he opens his eyes.
Reno 911! Miami
There are 3 short scenes after the credits: Jim and Travis playing with their metal detectors, Jim and Travis X-Raying luggage at the airport, and Travis talking to the camera while driving his patrol car.
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Airplane! There's a end scene showing the guy who got into Ted Striker's abandoned taxi at the start of the movie, saying, "I'll give him another twenty minutes!"
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