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What would your career in the Star Wars Universe be?
This popped into my head and I hope you all have fun with it. I would like to be a smuggler because it is sounds cool. All those tight escape from imperial raids sound cool.
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A Jedi definitely! I would love to have a lightsaber and wear the robes and cloak.
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A Sith Lord of course... I would feed on the power of the Dark Side and rule the Galaxy!

All hail DarthTrip101 Wink
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A smuggler.

I mean think about it, adventurous lifestyle, doing the Kessel runs in less than 12 parsecs, seeing a lot of places, etc...
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How 'bout a corrupt politician. Wink
I would like to be a Sith, but if not, then a sniper working mostly on Coruscant.
Interesting question. Smoke

I would most like to be a Fighter Pilot or a Dark Jedi. Or maybe both for some variety. Wink
Well, I know what I wouldn't want to be, and that would be a Death Star construction worker after it blew up. Blink

I'd probably be a pilot in Rogue Squadron. I think getting in a X-wing and shooting up TIE fighters might be a little easier than destroying Sith lords without coming dangerously close to the dark side.
I'd love to be a smuggler, only because it would totally different and personality here in the real world. I would wanna be like Mara Jade but as a smuggler, now that would rock!!
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