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Transfer to new host- complete
On Saturday June 14th June 21st, I will be transferring the board to a new web host. During the transfer, the board will be unavailable for most of the day due to how long it takes to transfer DNS settings.

Our new host has more bandwidth (not that it's been a problem) and SQL space (which is starting to become a problem).

Not to mention that our current host doesn't support PHP mail() which prevents emails from being sent.
I think I should ask the most obvious question, will we need to re-register again? Unsure
^I doubt it since the board is hosted by Starpaul20 he can simply transfer the databases from one host to another.
Wenty's right, if all goes well, you shouldn't noticed any difference after everything is done.
I have decided to delay the host transfer until next Saturday (6/21/08) mostly due to problems finding a perfect host.

6/22/08 update: The Transfer is complete.


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