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What sports do you play?

I'm sorry to say I'm not that big fan of sports. Sad
This signature is intentionally left blank. Deal with it, I can't think of anything better to put here, dammit!
I don't play any sport due to my complete lack of athletic ability. Confused
I only like to play volleyball and skateboard a little. Other than that, i don't really have anything to do with sports... except for watching hockey.
I like to watch hockey. But as I'm the least coordinated person in the world I don't really play any sort of sports.
I like sports, I definatly love to swim and run cross country. I also like hockey.
I like sports. I skateboard, play baseball, run cross country, and play football (pretty good for a skinny white boy). I also like hockey... but only to watch, not to play.
I play volleyball, softball and run cross country.
You might hate/laugh at me for this since I'm a guy but....

I don't like sports very much... watching them or playing them. It's always just coming off as a bunch of people acting crazy if you ask me... plus the rules of the game always seem to be hard to understand.

That being said I like to run Cross-country, but I'm iffy if it's defined as a sport or not (since others here have mentioned it as a favorite it must be considered one).
Though I'm not a huge sports fan, I absolutely LOVE hockey! I also watch a little baseball.
I only like to play volleyball and swimming.
i like to play soccer but that's about it. Cool
i love to play baseball, it's my favorite Yes
When nine hundred years old you reach, look as good you will not.
I don't really play much sports, though I can play Baseball or Soccer.
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I always play basketball but i like football the most, first i did not think that football was fun but when i watched it i said '' Man, this is crazy'' http://www.ptvsports.pk/


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