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[Read Me] Welcome to Galaxies Realm
Let me be the first to welcome you to the Galaxies Realm message board. We are a Star Wars/general chat board where you can discuss just about anything with people of different backgrounds.

First off, please read the board rules before you go posting. You agreed to follow them when you registered, so it's best to read them. There are not many you need to know.

Any general board questions/comments/feedback should go in the Feedback Council forum. Issues with board moderation should be dealt with privately via PM.

About Advertising: This forum is not for advertising your board/website. If you want to advertise, please post it in the Web Design/Chat forum. You can also advertise in your signature.

This forum is here to allow any new members to post introductions and for current members to welcome and learn about new members. Please don't spam in this forum. Also do not start a thread for anyone other than yourself.

Please don't run excessively long chats here. This forum is for introductions/greetings and NOTHING else. If you wish to chat with people you can use one of the chat thread in The Cantina or through PM.

If you're new to this board, please take a bit to look around and read some posts to familiarize yourself with the boards before diving in and posting for yourself.

Again, welcome to Galaxies Realm. I hope you enjoy your stay. Biggrin


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