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[READ ME] Board Information & FAQs
Since there are things on this board that can cause confusion for some users, I'm making this guide to help make things easier.

When you registered on this board, you agreed to follow our rules. If you haven't read them already, please take a few minutes to read over them:

<< http://galaxiesrealm.com/rules.php >>

Just remember the rules are here to protect you, they're not here to persecute you.

For those who may not know, Flaming is considered a personal attack on another member of the board or person. This includes insults, harassing and other forms of attacks. Trolling is deliberately antagonizing or posting with the main purpose of getting a negative reaction/response.

If you should spot either activities, please use the report button to notify a moderator. Please do not, under any circumstances respond to the flame or troll. It adds to the mess we have to clean up.

If you see a post that is breaking the rules, please report it by clicking the Report button on the post. You will need to specify a reason you think the post is breaking the rules.

Don't bump old threads that have little or no discussion value now (for the heck of it). If there is something you want to discuss, just check the first couple of pages of a forum. If you can't find what you're looking for, go ahead and post a new thread.

Of course, the fact that a thread hasn't been posted in for a while doesn't mean it can't be revived. But add something substantial to the discussion and make sure the thread still has some discussion value!

When you register on this board you are placed into a user group called 'Registered'. Upon reaching 10 posts (or more), you will be promoted into another user group called 'Members'. Promotion can take up to 10 minutes to apply.

This measure serves to reduce any damage from spam bots and other possible abuse. Please see this announcement for more information.

On the internet, TYPING IN ALL CAPS IS CONSIDER SHOUTING. Please try to avoid doing this excessively, as it could be considered rude and will annoy users. It's also harder to read.

Threads may be rated from either the Show Thread page or from the Forum Display. When rating a thread, please rate it based on the quality of discussion and information, please don't rate threads badly because you dislike the author. We can see who rated a thread and their IP address. Please don't abuse the system, or it could be disabled. You cannot rate your own threads.

In accordance to the board rules, your signature should be no larger than 650x250 pixels (it should be able to fit into this box) and 100kb in total file size. To enforce this, we have a special thing within our CSS that will limit the height of your signature to 250px. Anything beyond that will be cut off. The same is true for the width. As for file size, if it is too large, then it will probably be removed. Remember that a signature is a signature-- a way for users to identify who you are. Don't make them remember you because of your overly large signature, whether it be file size, or dimensions.

When editing a post, please provide an accurate edit reason. If you re-edit a post please update the edit reason. Please note that whenever a post is edited, the post's original content along with username and IP address is logged and is available to moderators and administrators.

Please be sure you have familiarize yourself with our Spoiler Policy. Note that the spoiler policy also applies to non-Star Wars material also.

This board is moderated by moderators. Moderators (identified by a purple user name) have the power to:
  • Close/Open threads
  • Stick/Unstick threads
  • Move/Copy threads
  • Approve/Unapprove threads
  • Split threads
  • Merge threads
  • Delete threads
  • Delete polls
  • Edit/Reset polls
  • Delete posts
  • Approve/Unapprove posts
  • Edit all posts
  • View edit history of posts
  • Read and mark reported posts
  • Warn users
within the forums they're assigned too. Super Moderators (identified by a green user name) have all the powers listed above however they can moderate all forums. In addition, Super Mods can also edit user's profile contents and ban users.

Administrators (identified by a yellow italic user name) control the technical aspects of the board and also serve as the final say on all matters.

A list of current mods can be found here.

Do I have to be registered to use the board?
Anyone can read the messages posted by other user but to participate in the discussions you'll have to register.

Can I change my user title?
Yes, once you reach 10 posts. To change your title, go to User CP -> Edit Profile, your custom user title is on the top hand side above Additional Contact Information.

How do I change my username?
You can change your username once you reach 10 posts. The option is located at User CP -> Change Username. Please note that for users with 100 posts or less, any username change will have to be approved by an Administrator.

How do I correct the board's clock to my local time?
User CP -> Edit Options. You should see the Time Zone option under the Date and Time Options. If the clocks are an hour off, select the appropriate option from the Daylight Saving Time correction menu.

Can I change how many threads/posts I see on a page?
By default, you see 25 threads per page and 15 posts per thread page. You can change these defaults by going to User CP -> Edit Options.

More questions to come...


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