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[Read Me] The Cantina Guidelines
Welcome to The Cantina, a forum where you can chit chat about whatever you want. However please keep in mind that this isn't a forum where we will let things slide and allow the board rules to be broken. By following these guidelines you will help promote a better community, and a better board.

First, you really need to read the board rule. They outline what you can do/can't do.

What goes here
The Cantina is regarded as the "Off-Topic" area of this board. Basically if a thread doesn't fit into any other forum and is not banned by the board rules, then it can be posted here. The Guidelines here are basically the same you're familiar with in other places on the board, with a few exceptions.

If you're new to the board, you can introduce yourself in Spaceport forum.

No Spamming
Spamming here is classed as one of the following:
  • Double posting is spamming unless you are adding something substantial to the thread.
  • Bumping can be consider spamming unless you are not double posting and you are contribute something to that thread.
  • Useless posts that don't contribute anything to that thread are spam.
Anyone caught spamming will be verbally warned, then officially warned.

Post counts don't really mean anything, really
Post counts really don't mean anything. Probably the most respected members post sparsely. Just think, if you only reply when you have something great to say, then generally you will seem much more interesting.

No advertising your board/website
Don't use this forum to advertise your board/website/blog/profile, that should be done in the Web Design/Chat forum. You can however post links to news stories and stuff like that.

No Pointless Bumping
When posting in an old thread, make sure you're adding something to the discussion and not just bumping for the hell of it/increasing your post count.

Redundant Threads
Don't go posting a new thread on a subject that already has a thread. However, if you feel a new thread is needed (due to age), contact a Mod/Admin and ask.

Board-related feedback/help
The Cantina is not the place to voice concerns about board-related bugs, errors or issues, that's what the Feedback Council forum is for.

Chat Threads
Please don't start any new chat threads without permission of the mods/admins.

Thank you for reading these guidelines for this forum of the board. Happy browsing and I hope you enjoy your stay at Galaxies Realm.


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