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[Read Me] General Discussion Guidelines
Welcome to the General Discussion forums, where you can talk about anything related to Star Wars, both in universe and real-world stuff. Basically, if it doesn't fit into the other three Star Wars forums but it still relates to Star Wars, then it goes here.

The Guidelines here are basically the same you're familiar with in other places on the board, with a few exceptions.
  • Star Wars discussions only- This forum is for Star Wars discussions only, not Star Trek, Doctor Who, Firefly, etc.
  • No Spamming- Spamming here is classed as one of the following:
    • Posts that are generally 3 words or less are consider spamming. There are circumstances where 3 words or less is needed, these circumstances are not considered spamming.
    • Bumping maybe consider spamming unless you are not double posting and you can contribute something to that thread.
    • Useless posts that don't contribute anything to that thread are spam.
    Anyone caught spamming will be verbally warned, then officially warned.
  • Regarding SuperShadow- He ain't real, and his scripts for the sequel trilogy are FAKE. Please don't talk about him here.


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