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[Read Me] Quizzes and Games Guidelines
Welcome to the Quizzes and Games forums, this is for all of you members that can't live without your game or fun quizzes threads. We like all kinds of games, even the stupid spam ones, so don't be shy! However, please don't post duplicates!

Remember all forum rules still apply.

No redundant games
Before starting a new game/quiz thread, please check to see if the game you wish to start currently exists. Odds are, it might.

No game discussions
This forum is NOT the place to talk about Video Games, TCG games, or Roleplaying. Video and TCG games should be talked about in the Gaming Area forum, Roleplaying in the Roleplaying forum.

Restating closed games
You may not restart a closed game without expressed permission from the staff unless the thread is closed for being too large (threads will auto-lock at 2500 posts since they can strain the database).

Spam is partly allowed in the forum. After all, most types of games are basically spam by nature. The one form of spamming that isn't allowed is no posting after yourself, also called double posting. You're gonna have to wait until someone else posts. You will get a warning if you're caught double posting.

And lastly, have fun!


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