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Star Adventures
Star Trek subtitles translated from Chinese
Has anyone seen this, apparently somebody took the Chinese subtitles from the Star Trek movies and ran them through Google Translator, resulting in some really funny results:
Star Adventures I: Shooting Film (The Motion Picture)
Star Adventures II: Sweaty Anger (The Wrath of Kahn)
Star Adventures III: Find Spark (The Search for Spock)
Star Adventures IV: Intergalactic Rescue of the Future (The Voyage Home)
Star Adventures V: The Ultimate Frontier (The Final Frontier)
Star Adventures VI: Future City (The Undiscovered Country)
Star Adventures 7: Generation (Generations)
Star Adventures 8: Fight Cruise (First Contact)
Star Adventures 9: Uprising (Insurrection)
Star Adventures 10: Adversarial (Nemesis)
Star Adventures '09 (Star Trek 2009)
(There is an Into Darkness one but it returns an error)

They've also done some of the first episodes of the TV shows:
Star Adventures: Galaxy Dragon - Meet in the Distance (TNG: Encounter at Farpoint)
Star Adventures: Return to Earth - Guardian (VOY: Caretaker)
Star Adventures: Entourage - Instruments of Peace (ENT: Broken Bow)
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Haven't read them all, but they seem quite funny. Laugh
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