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All about school
[Disclaimer] This is regarding school, as in primary/high school. Not University/College. I do want to hear about your further education, but this is not the place!

Hi all,
I love to hear people's stories. I like to know the struggles, the high points, the low points, the journey. Today I want to share with you, my 6 years at high school, and I'd like you to share yours. 

Quote:Year 7
First year of high school, excited for mainly novel things that weren't in primary school (lockers, extensive diaries, time tables, class changes every period, etc). Turns out I was in the same room for everything, as a bit of a softener to welcome us to high school, all year 7's were put in one building, and had rotating teachers. This year was exciting and I did pretty well. Somewhere along the line, a friend introduced me to minecraft, and I ate it up. Loved the s***.  This in turn took most of my time, along with a mac crack of Call of Duty (COD) 4 which we played every so often. I loved games more than I did school at that point, so it turned my grades from A's and B's to B's and C's. This was a gradual progression which wasn't too noticeable in my overall results. 

Year 8
This year was legit high school, they broke us down into "streams". Extension was the highest, with usually only 1 class for each subject, cramming in the best of them. Mainstream had usually an unlimited number of classes, but I've never seen more than 4. Basically it held all the kids that weren't in Extension, appart from the kids in: Enrichment, for the lower kids who struggled and needed easier material, and nurturing teachers. People in mainstream liked to preten that which number class they were in made a difference, meant there were more or less smart than the kids in the lower number. And this was true to an extent (but we'll come back to that). Worth noting that I was put in all mainstream classes. 
    Now it turns out that I could stay up late (1,2,3,4 am) get a few hours sleep, and still rock up to school and be fine. So I'd have bugger all sleep, staying up playing on my favourite Minecraft server at the time, sleep for a bit, go to school, lie to my teachers, saying all was under control (in regard to assignments) and gain free time, or sneakily play COD 4 LAN (Local Area Network) with the lads in whatever class it was. I'd then smash out an assignment the night before, sometimes doing okay (60-65%) or usually barely scraping past (50-55%). I'm fairly sure the only reason I actually got passes was because the teachers took pity on me? Or weren't allowed to actually fail kids. Not sure, either way, I never actually failed anything but put in very minimal effort. 

Year 9
This year was very similar to the last, continuing with the gaming. Now my memory gets a big cloudy around here, because I like to forget Wink but I'm fairly sure it was late december of the last year, but is technically after year 8 finished... that my parents bought both me and them a computer from arrow computers. It was quite expensive and I'm quite lucky to have received it. Unfortunately, it led to great anger, arguments, and fed my (what I now acknowledge as an) addiction. But at the time I loved it, it kept me to myself, and everyone was happy. The year progressed as expected. Teachers no longer took pity, or were now allowed to fail my submissions. I got hit with 2 fails in the first term. Now, because I'd floated through year 8 on my miracle cloud, I had no idea that the school sent letters home, notifying parents about their child's failures. My parents knew I loved gaming and all that, so they said if I got another letter, they'd take my computer away D: 
This worked briefly, until I became lazy and complacent again. They were quick to act on their promise, and I was without my prised possession for quite a while (no specifics, because I like to block out traumatic events). I ended up getting it back and continued to game. 
In terms of education, I was pretty bloody good at maths, and decent at science by this time. I liked maths over most subjects, because I picked up formulas and expressions so easily that while the rest of the class was still learning it, I'd be doing our course work and once I'd ripped through that, the lesson would end and I'd have no homework. The teacher quickly picked up on this and segregated me (along with 5 others) from the rest of the class. He gave us different work, and kept telling us we belonged in extension, etc. 

Year 10
He did it. He pushed me into Year 10 maths extension. Just kidding, they made an extension02 class for all the promising kids across the mainstream classes. This gave some kids the upper hand, because to get into ATAR (not sure what this stands for, but is the University pathway. Your ATAR score is a percentage after all your final year 12 exams, and is then what you use to get into University. A law course for instance, requires a 90 Atar score at some universities.) maths specialist, you need something like 60% grade at the end of year 10 in maths extension, but 80% in mainstream. Now late January I had my appendix removed due to some crazy abdominal pain. Then I wasn't allowed to go to school for the first week, and as I was about to find out, extension classes do not mess around. I started behind and I was behind for a good portion of the term. Finally getting better slowly I did alright, but early on I decided I didn't want to do ATAR and go the university pathway, instead I opted for Vocational which had a more appealing timetable, and a lot of options. Because of my interest in gaming, I had to learn to use my computer, and learned quite a bit about it. I also took computer classes at school, learning to use programs, learn some programming, etc. It ended up being of keen interest to me. It started around the end of this year (year 10). Halfway through this year I joined my first Garry's Mod community, and loved every minute of it. 

Year 11
The vocational pathway was very appealing because (one way you could do it was) you went to school three days a week, leaving one day to go to a work experience placement, and then another day for TAFE (hands on education, usually trade related) to work for a certificate. The other thing was I only had four classes. English, Maths, Religion and Careers and Enterprise. I had to do religion because it was a catholic school, and passing religion every year is a requirement for the next/graduating. The Maths was a lower level than ATAR, purely because a lot of kids in vocational weren't doing it for a trade, but rather because they didn't make the cut. So this is basically mainstream/enrichment. Being that it was at a lower level, I tore through maths, it being very, very simple stuff, and some that I'd done in previous years. I ended up using it as a time to catch up with a friend I hardly see, talk about tech and other stuff. The teacher eventually got sick of my talking when the others were 'working' and eventually had it out for me. But I guess that's my fault? Anyway, at TAFE I was doing my certificate III in I.T. (Information Technology) - Networking.

Year 12
Year 12 was the epitome of torture. Because I'd be at TAFE and work experience, being treated like an adult, expected to use initiative and make decisions, going back to school for those measly three days a week was the hardest thing... I don't even have words to describe how bad it was to me. I wanted to leave so bad, but I though I've come so far just to quit? I don't think so. So I stuck it out, made some new enemies due to my increased blunt, brutal attitude. Mainly teachers, but some students as well. Eventually I got the boxes checked, and got the hell out of there. It really was a struggle, but you'll notice by the lack of detail that I'd rather not recall it. All you really need to know is that I had weekly meetings with the deputy to check in on my academic progress. I completed a certificate IV in networking that year. 

What pathway did you take? Did you have future ambitions, or were you still working things out? What was your favourite subject? Mine was maths Wink

Until we meet again, 
Have a good one [Image: biggrin.gif]
Man, it's been so long since I've been in school I can't remember much. Math was my favorite subject too. Wink
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Right on! Did you go on to a math related job?


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