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Sim City
I've been a long time Sim City fan. Does anyone else like it/play it?
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SimCity 2000 was what got me into the series. SimCity 3K a lot more fun for me, especially with the ability to design my own buildings, changing the game music and so on. SimCity 4 was the ultimate simulation, but I never owned a computer that could properly run it - especially with the large maps. I recently broke down and bought the new SimCity and it's been ... fine ... but nowhere near as enjoyable as the other incarnations.
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I have the first one and still play it from time to time.
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I love SimCity 3000. I still play it to this day.

I want to love SimCity 4, but the regional dynamic throws me off entirely.
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I played and loved the original Sim City to death on PC back in the day.

Sim City 2000 was okay because I still found it manageable, but everything after that was getting too complicated for my taste.
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