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Cosmos - with Neil deGrasse Tyson
So has anyone been watching the new Cosmos, with Neil deGrasse Tyson?

Last night's episode was great. I loved the "tree of life" imagery.Yoda-grin
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I really enjoyed it, too. The opening anecdote, about humans and dogs, was a great, personal, and a great way to frame the discussion of evolution through artificial selection. Plus, the sequences on Titan were really good.
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I loved it, and Neil brought the point home with his statement on evolution. This is what science programming should be; clear, direct, and unapologetic.Yoda-happy
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Here I thought they would tackle evolution further into the show. I liked that they got it up front and out of the way. Science shouldn't be apologetic. You shouldn't have to feel sorry for stating a fact, and when you do it in an imaginative way as the folks behind Cosmos has done, all the better to stand firm.
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