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Serenity: Leaves on the Wind
Anyone check it out yet?

Got my first issue yesterday, and I gotta say that was the nicest little bit of awesome we've gotten from comic books in the verse yet!
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Got it the other day, I love that they are finally continuing the story after the movie.Yes
I like it too.

I love the way we have a "new normal" to adjust to; just like the film came out, and both Inara and Shepherd Book had left the ship. Dropping us in the middle post-New Scenario and allowing us to wonder precisely how we've reached this point since credits rolled on the film is fun.
It's always a good night for a walk.
First and foremost, I'm excited to have new material for Firefly/Serenity. Second, I'm excited that the series pushes past the movie, into uncharted territory. I'm also intrigued by the old character who has reappeared.

The big problem for me is that I want to see more, but I need to wait a month to do so.Yoda-cry
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