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Good comics from the 90s
Where there any good comics at all in the 90's?

And I don't mean one shots or independent companies but more stuff from DC or Marvel.
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Marvel made several good comics in the '90s.

-The New Warriors
-Generation X
-X-Men: The Phalanx Covenant
There were good comics in the 1990s, they were just overshadowed by the bad stuff.

-Batman & Dracula Red Rain
-Pretty much anything in Detective Comics
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Green Lantern was awesome in the late 90s. Some of the villains were lame but overall good. It introduced Kyle Rayner too.
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Most of Vertigo was pretty awesome in the 90s. There was also Neil Gaiman's Sandman (which started in the 80s but continued to 1996). Along with The Final Night crossover.
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Infinity Gauntlet
The Death of Superman

All good titles from the 90s.
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