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Should Prostitution be legalized?
Laws against Prostitution in Canada have been struck down which means Prostitution is effectively legal in Canada.

Do you think that the US should follow Canada in legalizing prostitution. Currently only the state of Nevada allow prostitution. Good or bad idea?
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Yes, I don't see why not.
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I'm unconvinced prostitution should be legal, although sex workers shouldn't get punished. The focus should be on protecting the sex workers either way, and things like "generating revenue for local government" shouldn't factor into it.
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Of course it should be legal, is this really a debate? Is there a single non-religious based reason for keeping it illegal?
Yes, it should be. There's no reason why an act between two consenting adults should be illegal. After all, I can wine, dine, and gift a woman into having sex with me but if I just give her the money directly I'm breaking the law? Nonsense.

If it were legal it'd also make the practice of it safer for all parties involved, in particular the workers. The regulations in Nevada where it's legal in all but the largest cities are pretty strict when it comes to testing for STDs and how they have to be treated by their employers.
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Prostitution has been around since the the dawn of human history and will always be around whether we like it or not. Battling the negative aspects of the business can only be successful if we stop stigmatizing the prostitutes (male or female) and give them the same treatment and regulation every other line of work is supposed to have.

It's the human trafficking and abuse we have to focus on eliminating.
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