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Kidnapped For Christ
'Kidnapped For Christ,' Planned Documentary, Aims To Expose 'Ex-Gay' Experiences In Christian Reform Schools

Quote:"Kidnapped for Christ" is a compelling new documentary that follows the experiences of several American teenagers after they were kidnapped from their homes and shipped to Evangelical Reform schools located in the Dominican Republic. Many of these teenagers' parents discover their children are either gay or experience same-sex attraction, and are sent to “therapeutic Christian boarding school[s]” in order to "transform into healthy Christian adults" in an environment outside of U.S. law.

Directed Kate S. Logan with Lance Bass cited as an executive producer, the film is currently engaged in a Kickstarter campaign in order to be fully funded. The Huffington Post sat down with Logan this week in order to better understand the function of these reform camps, the experiences of kidnapped youth go through while there, and why this film is important.

Hard to believe stuff like this even exists.Yoda-sick
The parents who do actually do this should be in the prison for the rest of their lives doing hard labor.
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Dear god, this kind of thing makes my head and heart hurt. The whole thing seems rather unchristian (the irony is probably lost on the parents)...
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It like Gitmo, but for kids.

Any parent sent their kids to such a place should be charged with human trafficing and the most serious standard of child abuse.
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And these same people wonder why people hate Christians.

It illustrates to a small degree how much straight people can make life terrible for gays. And the type of straight people who would do this kind of stuff to their kids are the same people who would pull up stats showing that gay kids are less happy than straight kids. I wonder why that is?Yoda-rolleyes
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