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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Anyone seen it yet?

I just got back from the film and I have to say it was GREAT. An adaptation I don't have any complaints about.
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Average in my books. It was basically a rehash of the first movie. I did like that the games included adults this time around, but ultimately it didn't feel any different.

It reminded me of The Matrix Reloaded. Basically a subpar sequel to a good movie. This one even ended with Reloaded's abrupt cliff-hanger and a similar shot.
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I thought it was excellent. I was a little disappointed when it ended because I could have happily carried on watching.
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Excellent adaptation.

I really wish we had seen District 12 getting destroyed and Heymitch setting up his rescue operation. That would have made for some good visuals.
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Saw this yesterday and I have to say that I was greatly entertained all around. I'm not familiar with the books, so I appreciate that they threw in some twists and not everything is as straightforward as the first film.
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