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The Night Of The Doctor
Mini episode
The Night of the Doctor: A Mini Episode - Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor Prequel:

I just don't have any words. At all. Except for amazing.
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That was awesome. Paul McGann back as the Doctor! Should've been longer though.

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That was glorious.

It's a welcome addition to canon, complete with name dropping for his Big Finish companions. That helped make this transition complete, to me. And for once, Moffat was spot-on; the Hurt Doctor appears here rather young-ish, probably in his 30's or 40's... so he HAS been around for a long while.

Only problem now is: how the hell can Moffat top that in the actual special?
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One word: Fantastic.

Great to see McGann's Doctor again. I really hope that isn't the last we see of him, if it's at all possible. I also love that The War Doctor isn't just an really old 8, he's a full regeneration.
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