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How many hours of music a day?
How many hours of music do you listen to in a day? I'm about 2, maybe three.
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Ford: About 12 minutes.
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About 3-4 hours
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Honestly, I don't listen to music for more than an hour. I'm usually too busy.
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Most days I don't listen to any music at all. On the days I do, it's rarely longer than an hour. Just haven't had much interest in listening to music recently.
Around 5-7 hours.
About 2 hours
No more than 3 for me
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I do what I want to do
Not much, maybe an hour or two.
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Usually 3 to 4 hours.
I aim to misbehave.
No more than an hour
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Usually 2 to 4 hours for me.
It's always a good night for a walk.
About 3 to 5 hours
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I'm 20 and I would say 8? I am ALWAYS listening to music, even at work.
5 to 6 is average for me
I can listen to music all day. So yeah I could easily fill up 6 hours with music.
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