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Can Ted Cruz run for President?
I see Fox News and the GOP talking about Senator Ted Cruz running for president in 2016. Can he? He was born in Canada; does the law allow for foreign born US citizens to run for the presidency. If that is the case, why did so many people wanted to see Obama' birth certificate like it was important.
I think at as long as one of your parents is American, then yes you're an American by birth and can run for president.
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Yes he can. While his father did not become a naturalized citizen until 2005, Cruz' mother was a U.S. citizen (born and raised in Delaware) so Cruz is a citizen by birth. The place isn't important (McCain was born in Panama and he was able to run).
So when are people going to start an anti-Cruz Birther Movement?
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Ted Cruz has said he's renounce whatever Canadian citizenship he has.

The funniest part (and rather ironic) part of this story was this:

Quote:Cruz, who released his birth certificate as part of the Morning News story, accused the media of focusing on trivial issues.

Funny it isn't a "trivial issue" when it involved Obama...
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If a Democrat, born in a foreign country to a Cuban father who supported Castro at one point, was running for office the GOP would have a field day.Yoda-laugh
Of course he can run. The only reason it's an issue for Obama is standard hypocrisy. Cruz and Obama, both mothers were American born, but Obama is apparently a Kenyan, because his father was born there.
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If I remember when it comes to natural-born citizenship, there's a gray-area. If you're born on US soil, you're a citizen automatically (the 14th Amendment). If you're born on foreign soil to at least 1 parent that's an American citizen, then you're considered a natural-born citizen (though I'm not sure of the exact rules you need to meet).
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We should start an anti-Cruz Birther Movement.Yoda-silly


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