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Ugliest uniform? - Wenty321 - 03-18-2011

What is the ugliest uniform that you have ever seen (for any sport)?

For me, it's either the White Sox uniforms from the 80's with the red stripes or the Houston Astros' old orange "rainbow" uniform Yucky

RE: Ugliest uniform? - VulcanStevens - 03-19-2011

Easy, the Pittsburgh Pirates from 1976 to 1986:


RE: Ugliest uniform? - JediFan34 - 03-24-2011

Oregon has had awful uniforms for a few years now. They have about a million different combinations, and just about every one of them looks like a 12 year old's drawing of a super hero football player.

Football players aren't supposed to look cool, they are supposed to look tough. Faux diamond plate isn't tough.

RE: Ugliest uniform? - Verity6 - 05-11-2018

I think some people really don’t know what uniform to keep. I have seen many ugly ones.

RE: Ugliest uniform? - The Last Outlaw - 02-01-2019

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the ugliest uniform ever to come from the National Football League.  I give you... THE CREAMSICLE!

[Image: image?]