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Discord server - Starpaul20 - 02-09-2019

I've created a Discord server for this site so members can chat with each other and serve as a backup just in case anything happens to this board.

To join, go here:

Try to use the same username if possible.

RE: Discord server - BFnutley - 02-16-2019

I've joined! Smile

RE: Discord server - master of yoda6 - 02-25-2019

(02-16-2019, 07:05 PM)BFnutley Wrote: I've joined! Smile

Me too! Hyper

RE: Discord server - aquasith3478 - 05-29-2019

Cool, never used discord but I've join.

RE: Discord server - discreetlybaked17 - 08-19-2019

I've joined too. Excited

RE: Discord server - Noobie-one - 02-09-2020

General, count me in. Wink

RE: Discord server - Starpaul20 - 02-12-2020

Thanks to all of you. Be sure to join if you haven't.

(I've moved this thread to the Cantina forum and stickied it.)

RE: Discord server - JediFan34 - 02-18-2020

I've joined.

I'm jedifan34#4023

RE: Discord server - simeonknapp1 - 05-14-2020

I'll join too.