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Yoda smilies gone?? - master of yoda6 - 08-11-2018

What happen to the yoda smilies? They don't show up in the [get more] list on the posting page but I still see them in older posts?

RE: Yoda smilies gone?? - Gaven Scott - 08-12-2018

As far as I'm aware, they should still be there but they aren't. Hmmm.

EDIT: They still appear to work: Yoda-sad Yoda-facepalm Yoda-silly Yoda-grin Yoda-wink Yoda-cool

EDIT 2: There appears to be some normal smilies that don't show up either: W00t Fist Hysterical

RE: Yoda smilies gone?? - DarthTrip101 - 08-15-2018

I could've sworn that there were more there not that long ago. From what I can see, the emoticons in the [get more] menu are the same ones that show up in the clickable box on the posting page and the editor top bar.

RE: Yoda smilies gone?? - Starpaul20 - 08-19-2018

Okay, that's weird. I haven't changed any of the emoticons since I moved the yodacons to the bottom of the listing.

And they still work if you know the keystrokes: Mellow Sleep Geek Smoke Sorcerer Wallbash Brr Fyou Chair Lightsaber Pokey Drunk Hammer Yoda-shocked Yoda-cry Yoda-silly Yoda-laugh Yoda-cool Yoda-idea Yoda-silent

RE: Yoda smilies gone?? - Starpaul20 - 09-11-2018

The problem has been traced down and has been fixed in the newest version of MyBB, which I just upgraded us to.

RE: Yoda smilies gone?? - Gaven Scott - 09-15-2018

That's good news. What was causing it?

RE: Yoda smilies gone?? - Starpaul20 - 09-27-2018

(09-15-2018, 05:28 PM)GavenĀ Scott Wrote: That's good news. What was causing it?

Somebody changed the code so that only the smilies that load in the clickable box were shown on the get more list.