Name Description Award
Avatar Contest Winner Awarded to anyone who wins an avatar contest. Avatar Contest Winner
Caption Contest winner Given to users who win at least two staff-run Caption Contests. Caption Contest winner
Crowded Room loser! You got the Ninety-ninth post in the "Walk into the crowded room" thread so you lose! Crowded Room loser!
Crowded Room winner! You won the Hundredth post in the "Walk into the crowded room" thread. Crowded Room winner!
Donator Anyone who donates $10 USD or more gets this award. Donator
GFX Guru Given to anyone who shows that he/she is good at graphics. GFX Guru
Member of the Month This is the monthly award for the best member. Member of the Month
Referrals Given to any member who refers at least 5 members. Referrals