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Full Version: What Internet Browser do you use?
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What Internet Browser do you use?

I use Firefox 3, ever since finding out that Microsoft stopped making a Mac version of Internet Explorer.
I'm a Firefox user Smile Only use IE for updates nowadays.
I use Firefox
Would it surprise people that I use Firefox also? Wink Internet Explorer is just bleh. Mellow
i use firefox
I use to use Internet Explorer but got tired of that pile of crap, so I went with Firefox and like it much better. Pimp
I always used Firefox and now I currently use safari but soon it is going to be firefox again. Nothing has satisfied me more than good old firefox Wink
I use Firefox also. Yes
I use... can you guess it? I'll give you a hint, it's the most posted browser in this topic. Wink
Internet Explorer and Firefox. I like IE better although I'm using Firefox right now.
Firefox, although I still use Internet Explorer on occasion. I've also tried the new Google chrome browser and may change to the in the future. Biggrin
Opera's a cool browser
firefox Pimp
I use firefox! Yes
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