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Full Version: Zetaboards merging with Tapatalk
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Saw this yesterday:

Apparently ZetaBoards will merge with Tapatalk. I'm honestly surprised by this; from what I've heard, Tapatalk is garbage. I use to hang around on InvisionFree years ago (before Zeta came). Invision shut down last year and board owners were given a choice between converting to Zeta or Tapatalk. After that, I kinda figured that it wouldn't be long before Tapatalk took Zeta too (like they did with Yuku/ezboard).

I've never really used Zetaboards but Tapatalk is trash. No design, bad all around.
Been following this, kinda shocked to be honest.

Glad I manually converted Domain of the Wizard (an old board I ran that's kinda of a predecessor to this board) off when I did.
How hard was it to convert DOTW? Could other boards do it?
A really stupid move. Tapatalk sucks big time! Angry
(05-27-2018, 05:36 PM)DarthTrip101 Wrote: [ -> ]How hard was it to convert DOTW? Could other boards do it?

Not to hard, all I did was manually copy each post/thread/poll/user/other stuff to my backup site.