Forum Announcement: Spoiler Policy
A 'spoiler' is any information about an upcoming or recently released project (this includes movies, novels, comics, TV and video games) that gives away part of the surprise. Any information is a spoiler regardless of how big or small it might be.

Any officially released material for upcoming projects (stuff like press release, movie trailers, TV promos, the art work for book covers, etc...) is NOT counted as a spoiler because their releases are timed in such a way that they don't give away the surprise.

Acceptable use of Spoilers in the General Interest forums:

1. Spoiler threads must be marked as such. Any thread that contains spoilers MUST be tagged with (Spoilers) in the thread subject or description.

2. Spoilers MUST NEVER be posted in a thread subject or description! Thus, "Darth Vader is Luke's father!" is not acceptable, but "Major Revelation!!! (Empire Strikes Back Spoilers)" would be allowed.

3. Any thread which does not contain a spoiler warning tag may not have any visible spoiler posted, but may have spoilers posted within a Spoiler BBcode (along with what source it comes from). The spoiler BBcode will hide any information inside a javascript box like so:
Spoiler: Empire Strikes Back
Darth Vader is Luke's father!

The code to use it is:
[spoiler=Empire Strikes Back]Darth Vader is Luke's father![/spoiler]

Newly-released material remains a spoiler for 30 days after the official release date. After that, the material will no longer be considered "spoiler material" and may be posted freely without the usage of spoiler tags (unless the thread in question has a warning against posting such material). Again, the use of common courtesy when posting about those materials after their release date is at your discretion.